Skull Island

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Very cool skull shape as a mountain. There is also a river-waterfall running out from the skull mouth. It is even good look when we use it with backlight.

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  • Forbidden land name Skull Island, a lonely island far away from any continent, surrounded by endless fog. It was once known as Eden Island. They say that there were angles, fairies and all beautiful creatures live there. Also many treasures, magics and mysteries. But now, it has become a death land, a dangerous place, where the distance between life and death is about a step. If you dare to enter, you will not find eternal life here, but only eternal death.

Thought, the Eternal light, which lies somewhere in the deep center of the island. The most valuable treasure still wait for the right person, who are brave and strong enough to get it. Will you be the chosen one?


  • Manufactor: Moonkey
  • Material: Resin and clay
  • Handmade
  • Row 1/Esc row
  • Compatible with Cherry MX ¬†and cross switches
  • Heigh: 16mm
  • Backlight


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Life, Life and Death, Death


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